ClassLink simplifies digital learning while providing support for students and staff. With ClassLink LaunchPad, digital learning resources are all in one place, accessible from anywhere securely.

To access LaunchPad, navigate to and click Sign in with Google. Then sign in with your CMC email.


Click the button below to login to CMC's ClassLink LaunchPad.

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Support Resources

ClassLink Help Center - Help desk and knowledge base where you can find FAQs and How To Articles


How do I add an app to my LaunchPad?

You can add Apps to your Launchpad via the App Library.

The App Library two main sections. All Apps, and Folders created by CMC. When checking for apps, you should first check the CMC Libraries, as those are apps added by CMC administrators for our environment.

Can I create my own App?

Yes. After clicking the plus sign icon to go to App Library, click Add App, then enter the name and website URL. You can then select an icon for the app. The application will function as a "shortcut" to the website.

If you click "Request Single Sign-on for this Application", that means you are requesting IT add the application to our library, and go through the process of possibly utilizing an existing "Sign In With Google" button or adding a password locker function.

I have a resource that I would like to use, but it's not in ClassLink My Apps or the ClassLink App Library. How do I get a resource added to ClassLink?

Staff members can fill out the form linked here so we can review your application request.

What is a QuickCard? How does a student login with QuickCard?

Quickcards are a card with an authenticating QR code and student email. The QR code functions as a password, so that the student can just hold up the card to the chromebook's camera, and it will login for them.

How do I print a QuickCard for my classes or students?

There are two ways to print QuickCards:

Attention: You need classes pulled over from iPass SIS to be able print students QuickCards.

Presentations and How To's

LaunchPad - My Apps

This video gives a brief explanation on how to use the LaunchPad.

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